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Guangdong Taiyao Automobile Technology Co., Ltd (former company name is Guangdong Winjet Bright Auto Lighting Co, Ltd), founded in 2003, is located in New Technological Industrial Zone,Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It occupied a workplace area of approximate 50000㎡, more than 500 employees in our company. We are a professional enterprise of auto lamps and auto interior and exterior trim with collection of research, development, production, sales and customer service. 


Globalization strategy

Based on core values "People-Oriented, Cooperating to win-win", Taiyao business is spread all over the world. Our main market is USA and European countries,win a relatively high level of visibility and good reputation. For better serving our clients and customers, we established the overseas branches in USA, Europe, HK, Japan and UAE etc. We have international operation across the world by using local talents and makes us one of the lead in our industry. In domestic market, we dedicated to service for the automobile factories, authorized dealers and automobile modification companies, such as Foton motor group, Fudi motor group, Yutong Motor group and Beijing motor group. In years, Taiyao keeps a super reputation and customer evaluation with outstanding quality and excellent customer service in the industry.


Innovating and Industry leading

Innovation and originality is our core idea of the company’s research and development. Taiyao has the top-class technology R&D team, equipped with advanced mold processing centers and rapid prototyping equipment. We have a strong product development and machining modeling capabilities. Our company has an advanced, accurate and completed lamp test equipment centre, which can carry out the test project including Photometric Characteristics test, Vibration test, Salt fog spray test, Water proof test, High and low temperature test, variety of lamp and retro reflector type test and light distribution test. For auto interior and exterior trim, we cooperate with the NIXON OFFROAD company in USA, had won wide acclaim from consumers all over the world with their novel design and first-class quality. In 2010, we won the title of Guangdong Engineering Technology R & D Center and National High-tech Enterprise and up to now.


Manufacturing and quality assurance

Taiyao has large-scale injection machine, Vacuum coating machine, PC surface treatment production line, Automatic glue robot, U-shaped island equipment production line and other advanced processing equipment; it is also equipped with an advanced dust-free workshop to fully guarantee the production quality. Our company passed a variety of certification such as ISO14001, ISO/IATF16949. So far Taiyao’s products have DOT/SAE, E-MARK, CCC certification, which make our customers have great confidence in our products.


Purpose and objectives strategy

“Create a world brand and build up a world-class enterprise” is our purpose. We believe that as long as we rely on the power of science and technology, with our professional service spirit and innovative design, we can provide the higher quality automotive lamps and exterior trim products for the global automotive market.


Taiyao company will make the great efforts to offer the high quality products and the most satisfied service for our customers, we would like to cooperate with all business partner and create a good business relationship.

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