• Customer Praise

    Customer Praise

    Our innovative and thoughtfully designed automotive lighting products have earned widespread acclaim from discerning customers who appreciate advanced LED headlights, tail lights, and fog lights that combine superior illumination, attractive styling, and long-lasting durability

  • Meeting customers on the trade show

    Meeting customers on the trade show

    Our sales professionals navigate the bustling trade show to hold productive talks with customers and potential clients seeking lighting solutions for their market.

  • Have dinner with customers

    Have dinner with customers

    Our professional sales team enjoy the dinner with our valued automotive lighting customer while conversing about new business opportunities, using this time to establish stronger rapport through open discussion that builds trust and understanding between our companies.

  • Visit dealer shop

    Visit dealer shop

    Our sales team visit a dealer shop to discuss business cooperation supplying Toyota, Honda, Nissan tail lights as well as tail lights for VW Golf V, BMW and other models they service, leveraging our expertise manufacturing quality aftermarket parts to meet their inventory needs for a variety of makes and models.

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