Guangdong Taiyao team building in Yangjiang


The dedicated team at Guangdong Taiyao recently embarked on an amazing company trip to the beautiful seaside city of Yangjiang, Guangdong, China. The oceanfront journey provided an ideal team building getaway outside of the office.

After arriving in Yangjiang, the group headed straight for the beach. During low tide, employees gathered shellfish, crabs and shrimp along the coast to enjoy a fresh seafood feast later that day.

In the evenings, the team gathered around cozy beach bonfires to barbecue skewers of meat and vegetables while watching fireworks illuminate the night sky in colorful bursts during their spectacular shows.

Later at night, they participated in team games and competitions with music and dancing around the campfire to continue reinforcing their camaraderie in new ways.

The next day, the group visited the fascinating Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum to view the famous ancient Nanhai No. 1 shipwreck preserved in the stunning Crystal Palace exhibit. Gazing at the 30 meter long, 10 meter wide vessel from the Song Dynasty era and imagining life aboard gave an incredible glimpse into China's maritime heritage.

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The rewarding getaway concluded with Guangdong Taiyao leadership recognizing the employees for their contributions over the past year. As the recharged team returned home, they cherished the special Yangjiang memories created together.

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