SUVs Now Dominate Nearly Half of European Passenger Vehicle Sales


New data reveals SUVs have swiftly become the most dominant segment in the European passenger vehicle market, now commanding 49% of total annual registrations as of 2022. This represents a huge 18 percentage point surge from 2011, when SUVs accounted for just 31% share.

Several factors are driving the SUV craze in Europe including their flexibility carrying passengers and cargo, available all-wheel-drive on many models, and perceptions of enhanced safety and commanding view of the road. SUVs have successfully captured buyer interest and budget dollars once aimed at sedans and hatchbacks.

By the numbers, mid-size and larger SUVs reached a 49% share across Europe in 2022, followed by smaller, economy car segments at 29%. Upper medium and luxury vehicles comprised 12% and multi-purpose vehicles trailed at 10% for the year.

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Overall SUV registrations almost doubled in volume between 2011 and 2022, from 2.5 million units sold to 4.5 million. Their broad appeal across regions and price segments fueled the gains. With offerings from value brands to premium marques, SUVs attract first-time buyers and upmarket shoppers alike.

While the SUV frenzy shows little sign of abating, their continued ascent faces headwinds as Europeans combat high fuel costs and economic uncertainty. However, automakers have rapidly expanded available hybrid and electric SUVs to maintain interest. The coming years will determine whether SUVs can maintain their unprecedented dominance in the European market.

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